Hello, I'm Kristina.

I'm a Brooklyn based designer, observer, and writer-downer of things. Currently I work at Blenderbox, where I am a Design Director and design team lead. You can read more about me or browse a selection of my work below:

Design simply, and with a purpose.

My drive as a designer and as a maker is rooted in my passion for creating things that are useful—functionally and aesthetically—for people. I believe that design is a tool and that good design can impact people and their well-being. To that end, I practice a user experience-driven approach to design that is fueled by research, collaboration, feedback, and iteration. I also believe that truly innovative design develops in partnership with technology. I champion this relationship and enjoy exploring the opportunities that new technology offers for solving design challenges.

Currently I am a Design Director at blenderbox, a Webby award-winning interactive agency in Brooklyn, where I co-lead a visual design team within a highly collaborative environment of user experience designers, developers, producers and project managers. At blenderbox, we specialize in creating inspiring digital experiences, solutions, and tools for mission-driven organizations, cultural institutions, and non-profits.

When I am not designing I can usually be found with my nose in a book, exploring my ever-changing Brooklyn neighborhood, or on the hunt for a friendship bracelet large enough to fit all the way around my TV.